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Do you dry the windows?

Using purified water there is no need to dry the windows as they will dry spot free and shining every time.

Can we have the frames and sills cleaned?

Yes. We clean the sills and frames as part of the service at no extra cost every time we clean the windows. As we are working from ground level we cannot see the upstairs sills so make sure you let us know if there is a problem that needs special attention.

How does the water fed pole method work?

Normal tap water contains a lot of impurities such as limescale which is what leaves marks on the windows when it dries. 

Our water goes through a series of filters which remove any impurities and deionises the water. This means as we clean the frames and glass there is nothing left on the window to to leave any marks

Is it worth having my windows cleaned in the rain?

Rain water is very soft containing no limescale and very few impurities (This is why its so good for watering delicate plants) so even if it is raining your windows will still dry clean and clear. 

What if I'm not happy? 

If you aren't 100% happy call us straight away. we will come and find the cause of the problem and if its our fault we will re-clean your windows.  

How often do you clean the windows?

We offer a 4 week and an 8 week service. We can do a one off clean for you but this will cost more than a regular service.  

What methods of payment do you take?

We take bank transfers and most major credit and debit cards and cash. We can also sign you up for GoCardless. GoCardless is a system of payment where once the job is completed you will receive an email and the money will go out of your account 3-5 days later. This is covered by the Direct Debit guarantee set up by the banks. 

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